The Peaceful Power Project wellness podcast shares tools, techniques and inspirations for connecting with your own peace, your own power, your own peaceful power.

This Podcast will offer guided meditations, yoga practices, and conversations with people and businesses who embody peaceful power.

Episode Description
This guided meditation uses breath awareness and the mantra of love to release judgment of self and others.
The intention of this meditation is to cultivate the feelings of being open, receptive, and willing.
The intention of this meditation is to send some light out into the world.
This three part breath will enhance the feeling of peace and power, calm and energy.
This is a powerful breathing technique to create strength and energy for your body and mind! If you are new to vigorous breathing practices please listen to the instructions and only take a few rounds and begin to build over time.
This is a perfect bedtime meditation for kids.
In this practice you will create an authentic affirmation/intention that you truly resonate with to anchor you, inspire you, and support you throughout your day.
In this episode I guide you through a short meditation practice focusing on- moving intentionally, breathing consciously, and practicing quieting the mind.
This is a guided practice using both mantra and Mudra.
This meditation is for those who do not have time to meditate ;-) it is a short morning meditation with the intention of centering, grounding and creating a space to start the day with clarity.
This is a perfect meditation to aid in relaxing the body and the mind before going to sleep.
This technique is useful if you are feeling anxiety, compulsive, rushed, or indecisive or any feelings that are unsettling. Use this technique to take a pause and re-center.
This guided meditation is a perfect pick me up if you’re feeling low in energy or just need some centering and inspiration.
Listen to meditation daily if you experience anxiety and overwhelm in your life and also use this as a tool when you are in that state.
My daughter Lyla and I share a breathing game that we do to help when feelings get tough.
In this meditation we use a mantra that you create inspired by gratitude.
Whether you were new to meditation, curious, resistant, or just need some support for your practice this episode is for you!
In this guided meditation we use the mantra Soham.
This practice is an opportunity to ground, connect, and center.
This is a perfect practice for first thing in the morning or if you need uplifting during the day!
This meditation incorporates breath and body awareness to move into a state of deep relaxation or is perfect right before bed.
This episode is a guided meditation. The first portion teaches a mindfulness technique and then there are five minutes intended for meditation practice.