Top 20 Tools for Transformation & the Addition over Subtraction practice

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

What if I told you that to quit smoking, you actually did not have to ‘quit’ anything? What if I told you to stop obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors around food and body, you did not have to ‘stop’ anything? What if I told you that to give up whatever behaviors, patterns, habits, beliefs not serving you, you actually don’t have to ‘give up’ anything?

Most people resist change because… it’s too hard. It's too uncomfortable or even painful. It takes too long. It’s too much effort. “I’m too busy in all of these other areas of my life.” This is what I hear from people who are contemplating taking the steps to make big changes in their lives. Take a moment, get quiet and ask if there’s an area in your life that is holding you back. If the answer is clearly YES, I would like you to know you do not have to quit, stop, or give up anything to experience transformation. Sounds crazy but it makes complete sense. Let me explain.

I invite you to the practice of Addition over Subtraction. Carl Jung said “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” Therefore, it makes sense if you are asked to quit, stop, or give up a ‘bad habit’, that habit will naturally grow in power. So I invite you to ADD! Adding is moving into the flow as opposed to white knuckling, resisting or fighting.

Below is a list of my TOP 20 Tools for Transformation. These are the tools that over time led to my own transformation and they still serve great purpose in my life today. Before getting overwhelmed, know that this list is to inspire. It's not a ‘to do’ list. Feel free to elaborate or expand! You are not limited. The intention of the list is to GIVE you freedom. Go ahead, add! You will experience the benefits of the practices just by taking action. You don’t have to try or even believe, just do the ones that speak to you. The benefits of these practices are increased calm and peace, clear energy, self-care, self-esteem, self-love and more. The more those feelings are experienced and expressed the less anxiety, stress, fear, being overwhelmed, self destructive behaviors have room to thrive. That is Addition over Subtraction. Where attention goes, energy flows so place your attention on the adding and not on quitting, stopping, giving up, or taking away. 

Before you go to bed, read the list below. Choose 1 to several that inspire you. Write down what you would like to practice the next day. Practice. Even adding one practice to your day will make an extraordinary difference. 


*          Write (feelings, experiences, gratitude, fears, ANYTHING)

*          Create (art, music, songs, stories, poems, expressive movement, ANYTHING)

*          Read something not on the computer (even just a page of inspiring content, a poem, fiction, non-fiction, a play, essay, article)

*          Focus on gratitude (list your haves rather than the have-nots and use them as an anchor for peace of mind). ALSO express gratitude to others when inspired.

*          Create an Affirmation or Intention that you resonate with and repeat it whenever you need support! Here’s a guided meditation to help you connect with a personal affirmation/intention. 

*          Self care actions. Make a list of what make you FEEL GOOD. Use that list to practice caring for yourself.

*          Try something new. (Enjoy the brainstorming and ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’)

*          Learn something new. (Make a list of anything you have ever wanted to learn. Take it one step at a time. It’s NEVER to late.)

*          Play. (physically play, play games, use your imagination, anything playful and fun)

*          Practice Mindfulness (awareness and connection to where you are at NOW and now and now…) More about mindfulness as a practice here ! I have a wide variety of mindfulness practices to explore!

*          Connect with your breath (spend time sitting and observing yourself breathing.)

*          Move mindfully (short intentional movement practices, short yoga for everybody practice here , take a walk, intentionally with awareness to the body and breath)

*          Move freely (organic movements, dance, move however you feel like and move however you FEEL)

*          Practice presence in nature

*          Practice earthing/grounding! Learn more!!

*          Acts of kindness without attachment. Practicing kind acts and service with anonymity when possible, not attaching to the response.

*          Schedule time for your Tribe (the people who lift you up!)

*          Listen to music that lifts you up!

*          Clear your space (a little at a time if you need and prefer. You will feel the benefits immediately and no matter how daunting, it’s always bigger in our minds.)

*          Restore. Rest. Go to bed early!


I hope these Tools of Transformation inspire and support on your path! Again, they are an invitation to start adding more mindfulness and connection into your life. I would love for you to share your experiences! [email protected]

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Sarah Granato has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 14 years, She is also a doula, an author and a mama of 2. She has created The Emerge Program to help those who struggle with food, body, and eating disorders. It’s a 21 day online program with mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, mindful movement, guided meditations, writing inspirations and more.

 Remember: Courage is feeling the fear and taking action anyway. It is strength in the face of that fear. You are stronger than you think, more capable than you know, and braver than you believe…


Note: Please, if your behaviors put you in immediate danger, please seek professional help.


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