Peaceful Power Project is a home for Holistic Wellness Services. Offerings include Mindfulness practices, yoga and meditation teachings, doula services, two children's books, and now The Emerge Program.


General inquiries email [email protected]

The Emerge Program

This 21 day program is for those struggling with food, body, eating disorders and disordered eating. It's a practical program with mindful movement, breathing techniques, guided meditation, and more!  For more information click here.

Wellness Coaching

One on one wellness coaching with a mindfulness focus. Working one on one allows you to work very specifically with your needs. We will design a program to meet you where you are at. The focus will honor your vision as well as the process. You can request personalized Yoga practices, guided meditations, and more!  For offerings, please click here.

Doula Services and Prenatal Yoga

Support your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum with a doula. Learn tools and practices to support you. One on one Yoga classes for pregnancy and postpartum are also available. Yoga postures and breathing techniques to give comfort and relive common conditions during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga also increases relaxation and energy as needed.


My Little Light: my first postures


I Am Light: postures and affirmations